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Corporate finance services

We provide a comprehensive range of corporate finance services, linking up with other professionals and finance providers to ensure a deal runs swiftly to completion. We understand what makes a deal happen, and receive regular referrals for financial due diligence work from legal firms as well as banks and private equity houses.

Our knowledge of the market and how funders view different business types means we can often identify funding opportunities with better terms than you could find yourself.

Whether it’s an informal opinion or a full written report, we’ve got extensive databases to compare similar deals and comparable companies.

Whether you are buying or selling a business, we  can help by being part of your management team.Buying a business can be a great way to expand geographically, tap into new customers or even bolt on additional products to your existing range, achieving synergies and improving the ultimate value of your business.

Maximising value to be realised on sale of your business, preparing for sale. grooming and getting the right buyer. They are all crucial to a successful sale.